Learning Review

As we share this creative journey with skateboarding, here we will post what we have learnt which will help remind your rippers what to do away from the classes.


Pushing off. The front foot should face foward over the front bolts but not beyond else the board will tip up. When you have pushed with your back foot, bring your back foot onto the board over the back bolts and twist your front foot so you standing sideways over both sets of bolts to ride away.


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  1. A kick turn is basic steering manoeuvre and can help steer quickly rather than the natural tur of using your heels and toes. Make sure your back foot is over the tail and the front foot isn’t no further forward than the front bolts.

    Then lean towards the tail until the front of the board lift of the ground to then twist your body, controlling the board to follow as much as your comfortable with. Learn this turning both ways and rolling forward , which is called a tic tac.

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