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    1. Not sure what your minimum age is. I have a 3.5 year old who is very keen! If he’s a little young the please put him on the waiting list. Also a 5.5 year old girl who would like to start now.

  1. Hi there,

    I have a 4,5 and a 7 yr old. My older one got rollerblades for his birthday this week but don’t know how to start. Could you please email me some details of the sessions price etc please. Thank you

  2. Hi Jez, just leaving a comment here for registration as well as the FB messages I’ve sent – register for my 8 year old daughter and 5 year old son please. Thanks

    1. Dear All,
      we now have a second session on Saturdays at 10.45am following the 1st session both sessions are for Mini Rookies (Beginners) . we will have 2 other grade sessions which are :
      Mini Styler & Mini Ripper levels. See the Skill learned page for more info

  3. George is very keen on learn how to skateboard and would love to join the class. Could you please put him in the list? Thanks

  4. Dear All, we are still talking to the council following the meeting they recently had. A presentation maybe required to further these coaching sessions.

    We are also contacting windmills also for use of a playground.

  5. Great news, i will be running an initial session at windmills on a thursday from 6.15pm. I am just finalising details and then i will open up the booking page

  6. Dear All, I have created the first booking times for spring / summer term 2019 which fits in well with the daylight saving that kicks in a the end of march. If it all goes well and places get booked up , I will try an facilitate another night. I have initially created a coaching session for 6-10 yr olds but will look at other age groups shortly. Thanks for your patience and I will post up any additional sessions that maybe happen before if possible.

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