The Mini Rippers Academy will progress skaters through a 3 stage gateway to becoming a more proficient skater. Below are example skills and Assessment steps approach we take in our teaching.

level 1 – Mini Rookie
Standing on the board in proper position and stand off safely and in control
Jump on / off the board with control and correct position
Show creative variation of the above both on / off the board

Pushing Off and show balance and correct position
Push, ride , push , ride to show comfortable travelling

Wheelie (manual) show controlled elevation of nose and demonstrate this a number of times eg (10)

Still Tick Tack 45 degrees
Still Tick Tack 90 degrees

Moving Tick Tack

Steer round objects i.e. cones (show control)

Level 2 – Mini Styler
Jump on board to move off

Tick Tack 180 degrees

Primo Stand
Primo rollover onto board
Casper onto the board

Moving Wheelie (manual) for 1-2 seconds

Kickturns for safety and change of direction (front-side and Backside)

Riding Transitions

Level 3 – Certified Mini Ripper ready to rip the park
Kick turns on transition

Shove it / Pop Shove it

Jump 180 on board (moving)


Nose wheelie (manual)


All these gateway skills have multiple variations to perform and lead into developing further skills and moves.

We also teach a bit of science and the anatomy and maintenance of a skateboard.